(Crazy) Language learning goals – July 2017

Since for now one of the purposes of this blog is to make me post texts in different languages, I was searching in my attic for texts that I had written in several languages (probably several years ago) and that had been corrected by a native speaker or a teacher, so that I could have right away something to post.

I really loved seeing all my old notebooks and reading my texts, but I also felt somewhat disappointed because I noticed how much I have forgotten in many languages. Dutch is the worst case, followed by Mandarin. But even in Spanish, which is a language that I use on a frequent basis, I think I might have lost some of the grammar accuracy I had in the past (though I have definitely improved my fluency).

This made me realise that I really don’t want to forget the languages that I’ve learnt so far and that I need to do something about that. I’m not sure what the best approach is, but I’m going to explain below what I’ll try to do (do e-mail me if you have further ideas, the comments below are still not working, I need to find a way to fix this grrr).

1. Main target language: Italianooo!

I’m deeply in love with Italian right now, I’ll spend my holidays in Italy, I have made Italian language buddies and I have found the right resources. My goal is to do or listen to something in Italian at least 30 minutes per day, write a text once a week and have a weekly language exchange.

I threw a coin to the Trevi Fountain, and only four months later I’ll be back. Well, it worked really fast!

2. Second target language: Français

French was one of my targets this year and I wanted to reach B2. I’m now thinking of doing DELF B2 but I won’t think too seriously about it until after coming back from Italy. Until then, some YouTube videos a few times per week, regular language exchanges (between 2 to 4 times in July) and finishing La femme rompue – now I’m really enjoying the book.

3. Third target language: all the languages 😛

I don’t want to forget the other languages that I’ve started. So my plan is besides Italian and French, pick two other languages weekly and either listen to a YouTube video or pick some grammar detail and revise it for about half an hour. I have no idea if this is enough or if I’ll be spreading myself across too many languages… My point is not to learn new things here (except for English), but not to forget.

Side languages by week

So for instance this week I’ll do something in German and Japanese, and next week in Mandarin and Swedish.

[week 1] Spanish: I listened to some videos on Sunday (yes, it’s “listened”, not “watched”, I’m usually doing other things at the same time)

[week 1] Dutch: well I read some of my old notes on Sunday…  and copied this text in Dutch to post it on the blog.

[week 2] German: maybe just listening to some videos or podcasts. I can’t come up with something specific that I’d like to review in German.

[week 2] Japanese: revising numbers and writing down some hiragana.

[week 3] Swedish: listening to videos and posting some of my old texts on the blog (like these ones here and here).

[week 3] Mandarin: writing down some words in a semi-artistic way and post them with simple illustrations on Instagram. I’m afraid of how many characters I might have forgotten.

[week 4] Esperanto: though I’ve only studies it for two days in total, I loved it. I’m going to re-read my notes and practise pronunciation.

[week 4] English: I used it every day and I don’t think I’ll forget it. Still, I think that I can improve it. I write a lot of academic papers in English, but I’m far from being an expert in idioms, for instance. There’s definitely room for improvement.

I’m afraid that this plan might be unrealistic once September arrives… but maybe I’ll find a way to squeeze all of this into my schedule and still get to sleep, eat, and have a life 😀



Set your language learning goals as a part of the Clear the List Link Up hosted by Shannon Kennedy of Eurolinguiste, Lindsay Dow of Lindsay Does Languages, Angel Pretot of French Lover, and Kris Broholm of Actual Fluency

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