Hi! I’m Inês and let me give you a welcome hug!

This blog is for those who are passionate for languages. Here you can find tips for learning languages and also blog posts in several languages written by people who are learning these languages. These texts have been proof-read by native speakers so that they can be used as a learning resource by other learners. Go to Categories and choose a language.

At the moment I’m looking for contributors! I’m looking for people who want to share their language learning experiences in any language (you can write the text in English or in European Portuguese). I’m also looking for people who are learning Portuguese and want to share their texts written in European Portuguese (about probably any topic) with other Portuguese learners! If you would like to be a contributor, please send me an e-mail (ines@wordwideweb.eu) detailing what you would like to write about, so that I can consider whether your contribution is relevant for this blog.

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